Accreditation of the Biosphere distinction

Cooking and Nature Hotels has as its foundation and ideology, environmental, cultural and social awareness , with the aim of achieving a more sustainable world.

In this way, we are very proud to have achieved the Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle Certification in September 2023, for our unit, Cooking and Nature Emotional Hotel, explore here our accomplishments.

Discover our Manifesto as a company.

In this way, we are committed to ensuring responsible consumption and participation in the sustainable management of resources:

• The construction of the Emotional Hotel e The Nest, with sustainable materials and architecture, such as cork cladding in the Emotional Hotel, full wood construction in The Nest, the option of large windows in common areas and rooms in both hotels to guarantee a "natural" heating and natural temperature control, without the use of artificial control;

• In both hotels, all the fauna and flora has been preserved, respecting the surrounding Nature,

• The use of solar panels and heat pumps for water heating,

• Use of photovoltaic panels to produce electricity,

Implementation of a “Plastic Zero” environmental policy,

Water reuse, through our cistern and well,

• Use of ecological cleaning products,

• Efficient use of an hourly irrigation system, with timer control, to avoid unnecessary water consumption,

• Reduction in the flow of taps in common areas of hotels,

• Zero waste policy in the restaurant,

We promote entrepreneurship and local development wherever we are located , in the Natural Park of Serra de Aire e Candeeiros, with the consumption of local and regional products and services.

We also seek to preserve, protect and regenerate the terrestrial ecosystems in the Natural Park of Serra de Aire e Candeeiros , in which we participate in the development of a project in partnership with the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests, for the protection of the “endangered” species Gralha de Bico Vermelho, which inspired the construction and decoration of one of our apartments at The Nest by Cooking and Nature.

Our Hotels support the ANP | WWF implementing the CHECK OUT FOR NATURE program.

Subtitle: V - Vegetarian | VE - Vegan | G - Gluten free | L - Lactose free

In this topic and appeal to this awareness, we invite you to calculate your Carbon Footprint !