Petiscos to Share

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Enjoy a selection of Portuguese-inspired delicacies, to share in a laid-back atmosphere. Choose 3 petiscos and 1 dessert (same to all persons at the table), from our Petiscos Menu

Price: 27,00€ per person. Drinks not included.
Includes three dishes in small portions to share at the table, a basket of homemade bread and a dessert.
Children's Menu available for 10,00€ per child (up to 12 years old).
Includes soup, a main dish (portion smaller than one of the adult's choices) and dessert (fruit or ice cream). Drinks not included.

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Reservas :

Reservation and menu choices are mandatory with a minimum of 48 hours in advance.
Reservation are subject to availability.
Meals reservations, for external guests, are available for a minimum of 8 people.


Lunch: From 1pm until 3pm
Petiscos: Monday to Saturday from 7pm until 9pm
Cooking Lesson: Monday to Saturday at 7pm or 8h30pm