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Menu of the Season


Monday and Thursday

Mushroom cappuccino with caramelized walnuts

Roasted octopus “à lagareiro”

Duck magret sandwich with orange mustard and red onion compote Courgette and carrot pancake with mint and lime mayonnaise

Tuesday and Friday

Codfish broth, poached egg, coriander and fried bread

Swordfish fillets with tartar sauce

Chicken Escabeche (sweet and sour chicken)

Fresh mushrooms, cheese and herbs tart

Wednesday and Saturday:

Mussels, leek and tomato soup

Squid and sweet potato stew

Steak skewers with its sauce

Vegetable ‘brás’ (vegetables, potatoes and eggs)


Chocolate lava cake topped with raspberry sorbet

Crumble nut, cheese mousse and pumpkin compote

Custard flavoured with our tea

Yogurt cup with fruit and nuts


Crumble os roasted vegetables with local cheese
Tart of Alcobaça Apple, caramelized onion and rice blood pudding
Warm goat cheese salad, grapes and walnuts  

Cod fish loin, almond and herbs crust, vegetable brás
Duck magret, caramelized carrot puree and orange sauce
Housemade pasta with mushrooms, courgette, leek and lemon
Chocolate lava cake with raspberry sorbet 
Crumble nut, cheese mousse and pumpkin compote   
Custard flavoured with our tea
Cup of yogurt with fruit and nuts

Recipes developed by Chef Nuno Barros

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Lunch: From 1pm until 3pm

Petiscos: Monday to Saturday from 7pm until 9pm

Cooking Lesson: Monday to Saturday at 7pm or 8h30pm